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    Wash clean, Deodorizing, Antibacterial


    • Dimension:10cm*10cm/ball
    • Material:TPR (Thermo Plastic Rubber), Far Infrared Mineral Beads
    • Weight:190g/ball

    Key Features



    1. Because of the soft and flexible TRP material, so our MUB FIR Laundry Ball is suitable for every kind of washing machine. However, the heat-resistance temperature is 60℃, hence, if your washing machine has the dryer function, then you must take the laundry ball out every time when you are about to dry your clothes.
    2. It is acceptable to add bleach or some power/liquid laundry detergent, that won’t affect how the laundry ball works. However, we recommend you to add natural ingredients to improve the cleaning result. For example:
    • If you want to make the clothes look brighter, you can add one spoon of soda powder (4 kg of cloth with 1 spoon of soda powder, 8 kg of cloth with 2 spoons of soda powder, and so on.)
    • If you want to remove the strong odor from your clothes, you can add one tea spoon of white vinegar.

    * Do not use fabric softener when using the MUB FIR Laundry Ball.

    1. 1 laundry ball for under 3kg (individual use); 2 laundry balls for 3~6kg (family use).
    2. Laundry bags are recommended for delicate clothes.


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    • MUB Laundry Ball

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